Join us in Bogota during the World Congress of Local and Regional Leaders!

Uraía 2016 Guidelines will be launched at that occasion

Thursday, October 13, 2016

From October 12 to 15th, Mayors, Governors and local governments’ associations will gather in Bogotá for the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) 5th World Congress and will convene its message for the New Urban Agenda to be approved at Habitat III.

Uraía will be present during this historic occasion to present the achievements of the Platform since its creation in 2014 and the new “Nicosia Guidelines”. The publication is the result of our Citizenship Series Workshop held in Nicosia last April and identify the trending topics and challenges regarding the use of SMART technologies applied to the municipal budget, exploring how technological innovation can help cities to increase municipal revenue and generate budget savings. The Guidelines include case studies, experiences, and the point of views of cities and their partners.

We are pleased to invite you to join us for a welcoming cocktail reception at the Hotel Tequendama in the evening of Thursday 13th October at 20h.

For more information about the Uraia meeting in Bogota, please contact