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One of the Uraía Platform goals is to share information regarding the use of SMART technologies in municipal administration. This section of the website gathers experiences of local governments, solutions from providers, as well as interviews with key actors. The catalogue of inspiring practices provides practical information regarding steps for implementation, financial aspects, risks and difficulties encountered and lessons learned, both at political and technical level to support local governments looking for inspiration to develop a similar experience in their territories. 

Would you like to share an experience? We would be happy to include your contribution in the catalogue!



Interview Quito | Ecuador

Video interview - Nestor Vega, Municipal eLibrary

Nestor Vega, founder of the Municipal eLibrary, presents the activities of the website and gives his views on the use of SMART technologies to improve municipal management. The video was taken in Madrid, February 2017.

Interview Kampala | Uganda

Video interview - Kampala

Agatha Ainomugisha, Business officer, shares the experience of Kampala in the use of SMART technologies to improve municipal management. The video was taken in Madrid, February 2017.

Municipal Finances Smart Cities Africa
Interview Nicosia | Cyprus

Video interview - Treasurer Nicosia

Nicolas Esthafiou mentions how the municipality of Nicosia in Cyprus, uses SMART technologies to improve services to citizens. This video was taken in Madrid, in February 2017.

Municipal Finances Transparency Good Governance Citizen participation
Interview Bogotá | Colombia

Video Interview - Coordinator LabCapital, Bogota

Juan Felipe Yepes Gonzalez, Coordinador del Laboratorio para la innovación en la gestión publica de la Veeduria Distrital de Bogota, comparte el trabajo que hacen para incrementar la transparencia en la Alcaldía de Bogota, y como utilizan las tecnologías SMART para ello. El vídeo se hizo en Madrid, en febrero de 2017.

Transparency Latin America Citizen participation
Interview Santander | Spain

Interview with Iñigo de la Serna, Former Mayor of Santander and Minister of infrastructures and public works, Spain

In this interview, Iñigo de la Serna, gives his take on how the city of Santander has been using SMART technologies to increase efficiency in the municipal administration.

Transparency Smartphone Application Smart Cities Citizen participation Modernization of the administration
Network of cities activities Tel Aviv | Israel

The Local Government Economic Services Company and the Pango parking payment system Union of Local Authorities of Israel (ULAI)

This case study describes the structure of the Union of Local Authorities of Israel (ULAI) and its services to the municipalities of Israel. In particular, it presents the ULAI subsidiary company, the Local Government Economic Services Company (LGES). It also presents a concrete activity led by ULAI through LGES in partnership with a local start-up, to implement the Pango parking payment system through mobile phone in Israeli municipalities.

Municipal Finances Smartphone Application Urban Mobility
Partner case study Toronto | Canada

ISO 37120: City data to promote investment - WCCD

In this case study, the World Council on City Data (WCCD), presents the ISO 37120, an international certification that comprises a set of 100 standardized indicators that enables any city to assess their performance and measure progress. It also presents how, obtaining the ISO 37120 can assist cities in increasing investment attractiveness and leverage external funding sources.

Municipal Finances Open Data
Interview Gary | United States of America

Video interview - Mayor of Gary - USA

Karen Freeman Wilson, Mayor of Gary, USA, shares her view on how her city has been using smart technologies to increase municipal management efficiency. The video was taken in Madrid, in February 2017.

Smartphone Application Smart Cities
Interview Paris | France

Interview Victor Gancel - Climate KIC

This interview gives insights on the Climate-KIC work and on how local governments can use SMART technologies to combat climate change, and thus, on the long run, reduce municipalities' expenses.

Energy efficiency Climate Change
Interview Berlin | Germany

Interview Valentina Rigamonti - Transparency International

This interview presents the activities of Transparency International regarding local governments and how they can use SMART technologies to fight corruption.

Transparency Citizen participation Anti Corruption