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Call for projects: application form - August 2015

The application form must be sent to before the 31st of August 2015.

Report of the Santander Seminar - July 2014

For more information on the Santander Seminar, download this report (in English).

Concept Note - Addis Ababa needs assessment exercise - July 2015 - ENG

Download here the concept note of the seminar with information regarding the background and agenda.

Agenda Uraia 2016 Nicosia Workshop

Download the workshop agenda if you wish to know which experiences were presented in Nicosia. 

Concept Note of the Oslo Workshop - June 2015

For more information on the Oslo Workshop, its goals and activities, download the concept note.

Agenda Madrid - 9 and 10th February
Concept Note Uraia 2016 Nicosia Workshop

The note presents the context, goals and methodology of the annual workshops of Uraia. 

16.05.2016 - Side Event - UN Cyprus Mission - New York City
Agenda Madrid - 8th February
Nicosia Guidelines - Uraia 2016 publication - complete
Concept Note
Webinar 1 - Power Point - Diana Lopez Webinar World Bank
Public-Private Partnership for SMART City Management - Uraia 2015 publication (ENGLISH)

This document was published in November 2015

Guidelines Report on SMART PPP

The document is the result of the discussions held during Uraía’s first capacity-building Workshop which took place in Oslo (Norway) in June 2015. It gathers general recommendations on city-business cooperation in the field of SMART projects and is based on the participants’ experiences.  

List of participants

Contact us if you would like to get in touch with one of the participants or access their power point presentation. 

Chapter 1 - Digital government
Webinar 1 - Power Point - Jean François Habeau Webinar World Bank
Chapter 2 - Transparency and citizen engagement
Participants list Madrid Workshop Feb 2017
Chapter 3 - Energy efficiency of municipal assets
Chapter 4 - Efficiency of public services and infrastructures
Participants Bios