Uraia 2017 workshop - Transparent and open cities 8 - 10th February 2017, Madrid

The 8 - 10th February 2017, Uraía will organize its annual "Citizenship Series" in Madrid about "Transparent and accountable cities: innovative solutions for municipal management and finance" in partnership with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities (FEMP). 

Download the agenda for the 8th February HERE and the agenda for the 9 and 10th February HERE.

Goals. The objective of the workshop is to present and exchange experiences on initiatives developed by local governments and their partners to implement mechanisms for transparency, accountability and open government in cities. The workshop will explore how municipalities can profit from the advantages of innovation and technology to prevent corruption and mismanagement to happen in urban management. The workshop will offer an opportunity for cities to discover available SMART solutions that can have a significant impact on transparency and improve communication with the citizen.


  • improve transparency of municipal action and finances.
  • fight corruption and fraud in urban development and management.
  • build trust between citizen and administration.
  • strengthen communication channels with the citizen.
  • increase citizens' participation  in city management.

Who can attend. The workshop will gather 80 representatives of local governments and their partners (network of cities, civil society and international organizations, service providers from the private sector, universities, etc.) from all around the world.

Registration for this event is closed. Get in touch if you wish to knwo more about future Uraia activities.