The Uraía Platform was established as a collaboration between two international institutions working to improve the life of urban citizen's around the world: The Global Fund for the Development of Cities (FMDV) and UN-Habitat. Both believe that SMART technologies can help building stronger local governments capable to respond to the accelerated urban challenges and the increasing citizen´s demands.

FMDV: The Alliance of Local and Regional Governments on local economic development and financing for subnational action. Created by UCLG and Metropolis, and acting as a match-maker, FMDV (Global Fund for Cities Development) provides solutions and expertise to create and implement the enabling environment, appropriate conditions and mechanisms allowing local and regional governments’ access to the necessary resources to fund their urban development strategies, especially through long-term and hybridized financing. The Alliance promotes a holistic approach on urban economy and urban development financing, both in terms of their traditional tools (local taxation optimization, bank loan, bond emission, public-private or public-public partnerships) and in their endogenous variation (local socio-economic revitalization, urban productivity and attractiveness, responsible green economy, local resources valorisation and mobilization, and social and solidarity economy). FMDV also leads the debate between multi-scale urban stakeholders via the publication of reference works on the topic, thematic case studies and the organization of dedicated seminars. Its operating and coordination methods promote a multi-stakeholder culture based on dynamic cooperation and exchanges between local authorities, notably South-South or through South- South-North triangular partnerships. Based in Paris, FMDV has Regional offices for Africa based in Rabat, for Latin America based in Mexico City, for Middle East and West Asia based in Mashhad in Iran, and three national representa­tions in Istanbul for Turkey, Brasilia for Brazil and Washington DC for the US.

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Uraía constitutes a great opportunity for local governments to share and promote practical solutions that provide efficient and integrated services to their populations and have a positive impact on municipal finances. Jean François Habeau, FMDV Executive Director

UN-Habitat is the focal point for cities within the United Nations System, supporting local and territorial governments as essential agents for development and general welfare, as the closest entity to the citizen and primary responsible for the provision of basic urban services. The Local Government and Decentralization Unit works closely with local government and their associations in a) fostering urban governance, focusing on the need to establish permanent structures of dialogue between the local and central governments on one side, and the public and private sectors on the other b) institutional and financial sustainability: to be able to "do their job", local government need good public financial management systems to ensure that public services reach the poor and finally, c) transparency, as governing without the citizen has become an almost impossible alternative, local governments need to communicate better and to understand the needs of their constituency. On the other end, citizens across the world are also requesting better instruments to control that public administration is efficient and accountable. 

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SMART Technologies offer huge opportunities to improve city management and to build active citizenship. Diana Lopez Caramazana, Local government and decentralisation Unit Head a.i, UN HABITAT